Outsider Magazine - Feature Article

Coverage of the 2011 Challenge by Outsider Magazine, and photos by John Shiels.

Download: Outsider Article (PDF 905KB)

RTE coverage of the Art O'Neill Challenge

Myles Dungan extensively covered the Art O'Neill Challenge in 2011. Myles participated in the Challenge himself. Well done Myles! Check out Myles blogs and radio show at the link below.

RTE Coverage: Myles Dungan covers the Challenge.

Art O'Neill on Boards.ie

What isn't talked about on boards.ie isn't worth knowing. Of course there is a lively discussion about the Art O'Neill Challenge on there too. Ask any question you like on there, you're bound to get many answers. Thanks to all the boardsies for your support but if you aren't clear about anything please contact the Art O'Neill Challenge directly or AON2014(on Boards) for the official line.

Check out previous Art O'Neill discussions on Boards.ie here until a 2017 discussion is set up.

Myles Dungan RTE coverage of the Art O'Neill Challenge