Help with Fundraising for DWMRT

There are a number of ways you can help raise funds for DWMRT. You'll find all of the details here.

Art O'Neill - Helping the DWMRT

Unfortunately Art O'Neill never completed his challenge in 1592 but something good has come from that great loss now with all proceeds going to Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team (DWMRT). The Art is on the extreme end of mountain events in Ireland, given the time of year, the terrain and the distance. Now with the AON totally in aid of DWMRT there will be an even greater MR presence to make the Challenge go really smoothly.

Every little helps as they say so right now you can even donate by texting DWMRT to 50300 to give €4. Text costs €4. Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team will receive a minimum of €3.60. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 076 6805278.

24 hours 365 days

The Art O'Neill Challenge is now entirely run by and for the benefit of the Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team. The DWMRT is an completely voluntarily but very professionally operated 112/999 service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. While our team’s main area of operation is in the Dublin and Wicklow mountains, we also cover as far as the Cooley Mountains in Co. Louth. On top of this, the team will also travel to other parts of the country when requested to back up other Mountain Rescue Teams and the Gardai such as on Reek Sunday and the recent search & rescue in Connemara.

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About the DWMRT

The DWMRT has its origins in the An Oige MRT, which was formed during the early 1960’s and was one of the earliest MRT’s in Ireland along with Kerry MRT, Tramore SCRT and Mourne MRT. As the An Oige Team, the members were involved in numerous rescues in the Wicklow Mountains from the 60’s to the early 80’s. A core group of the current DWMRT members, who were active members in the An Oige Team have been providing a rescue service in the Wicklow and surrounding Mountains for almost 40 years. Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team was officially 30 years old in 2014 and 2015 sees the 50th anniversary of Mountain Rescue Ireland

We are a volunteer organisation.

The Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team is made up of 40 volunteer members whose job it is to search for and rescue anyone who needs it from wild and remote places. Members come from all walks of life but they all have one thing in common and that is their selfless desire to help others in need. As with any Callout or Rescue the team will be out in force for the duration of the AON with members responsible for everything from organising the entire event to guiding, medical backup and of course being there to help if anyone needs it at any stage.

safety mountain rescue wicklow mountains