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Art O'Neill Challenge 2018

AON 2018 will leave Dublin Castle on the night of Friday, January 12th

Registration will open on Sunday, October 1st.

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Welcome to the Art O'Neill - The 2017 Event was a great success

On January 6th, 1592 Art O’Neill, his brother Henry, and Red Hugh O'Donnell made a bid for freedom from Dublin Castle. It was the middle of winter and Ireland was held fast in its icy clutches but they hoped to reach the relative safety of the remote Glenmalure Valley over 50km away.

Ill equipped and underfed they were the only prisoners ever to successfully escape captivity from Dublin Castle but it was an ill fated journey with Art O’Neill dying from exposure only miles from his goal. Commemorate their great strength of spirit by making your own journey from Dublin Castle to Glenmalure in aid of and under the watchful eyes of Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team ! Walk or Run you decide but this event is a challenge and adventure for everyone and one you will never forget. The only real question aside from Are you up for it? is......

Will you make it to Glenmalure?

Trek Challenge

Trek through the night and into morning in a friendly group. We organise guides & food stations to make this formidable challenge as fun and accessible as possible. Those with experience can lead their own groups.

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Hybrid Challenge

Want to mix running & trekking for a really tough challenge with some mountain camaraderie? We'll help you coordinate a plan to push your own group on the run and at half-way point to meet a trekking group to take you to the finish

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Ultra Challenge

Want to run the escape route like you just broke out of jail? This challenge is an ultra marathon for the serious athlete only. Trail and road running, night navigation, and winter conditions Regarded as one of the toughest ultra's in Ireland.

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