Art O'Neill Hybrid

The Hybrid category is for those who want to combine running and trekking and starts at 1am. Participants can run the first 30k on road and then change over to trekking at Checkpoint 1. They can also opt to be assigned a guide as part of a guided group at this stage. Competitors will be chip timed.

Checkpoints / Rest Stations

Competitors can avail of support facilities on offer at the rest stations - hot food and drinks, and transport of tired limbs from finish back to civilisation!!

The hike will be punctuated with 2 rest and recoup zones where hikers can continue on with their own group or wait for the next group to follow through. These are Red Hugh's Kitchen at Ballynultagh Woods after 30km, Art's Breakfast after 41km at Oakwood and the glorious Finish at Barravore in the valley of Glenmalure!

At these zones there will also be some hot drinks and food provided and Red Bull to keep the eyes open, with some tasty porridge and coffee to revive challengers after the sun comes up! This TLC will all be provided as part of your entry fee.

Checkpoint 1:
Ballynultagh Woods. Red Hugh's Kitchen

Checkpoint 2:
Oakwood. Art's Breakfast - Porridge & Tea station

Barravore. HOT CHOCOLATE! and a hearty WELCOME and WELL DONE before getting buses to Glenmalure Lodge.

Kit Check

In early January, at night time, conditions can be harsh. We have specified some mandatory kit. Please take a moment to get familiar with the kit list. We've added links to the Great Outdoors to make it easy. Best be sure and be properly prepared. There will be a kit check at registration for all competitors. Make sure you have all your kit. It is for your safety and comfort. There is an option for a bag drop too but please note that for safety reasons any use of 'support vehicles' will result in a DNF. See below.

get kit check list

Bag Drop

You will be able to leave a bag (50l for ultra runners and hybrids) with the organisers at the start with a change of clothes and shoes and extra food. This bag will be accessible at Checkpoint 1 and then again at the finish in Barravore.